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HolisitcPros is a National Alliance of professional Holistic, Complimentary, and Alternative Healthcare providers normalizing wellness and eliminating biases with advocacy and education.

With our growing membership, we are expanding public awareness and utilizing technology for the greater good.

But, in order to do this we need your support!


To Increase Awareness and boost the Holistic and Alternative Healthcare fields into the global consciousness.

We set out to do this by providing practitioners with a safe, secure, and friendly platform to:

Network Nationally
Gain Referrals
Make Connections
Expand and Market their Businesses
Gain access to High-Quality Professional Resources
Exapnd their Functionality
and more…

Growing Exponentially

Since our launch in 2022, we have connected thousands of Practitioners in the New England area, but we’re just getting started!

With each new membership, we are able to procure the resources necessary to build our platform and grow awareness nationally.

See the list of our founding members who have already joined the movement.

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Be a part of our growing platform. Your membership gets you access to some valuable resources already available through HolisticPros and reserves your access to future features as they become available.

The Essentials Membership

Join the Circle, quality networking doesn’t have to be expensive!

Get started today for only $19.97/mo.
Or choose a yearly membership for $197.00 (two months free)

What’s Included:

* You’ll get a Featured Listing in our Online Holistic Directory applicable to your state showcasing all of your business details.

Our flagship site is already tracking over 1K users per month and is growing every day. This website lists all of the holistic, alternative, and complementary care professionals, practices, and associated businesses available in 96 categories for the public to access. A Featured listing is SEO Optimized and lands at the top of search results. Includes a link to your social media accounts and web presence, logo, images, and an 80 +/- word description.

COMING SOON! We are expanding into all of New England with,,, and

* A FREE Text Listing in our Pathways to Wellness printed regional directory.

* 10% OFF all Display Ads in our Pathways to Wellness printed regional directory.

Currently based in NH, Pathways is sending out over 45,000 copies and being circulated in 7 regions. These advertiser-driven directories are published bi-annually reaching thousands of readers in our targeted audience in the 55+ age group.

* A Complimentary HolisticPros Networking Membership.

Networking includes regular online zoom networking sessions and monthly in-person sessions – in-person is currently in NH only, soon to be expanding into MN, VT, and CT.

* A Quarterly Newsletter featuring high-end consciously curated content with information from reputable online sources, business tips and tricks, and other relevant content. A place to share your workshops, masterminds, or other events.

* And, direct access to the HolisticPros Private Online Community. This is a national pool of qualified Holistic Care and Alternative Health Practitioners.

Why would you want access to your peers? For networking, collaboration, and connection. As a holistic practitioner, you understand the need for holistic care and find resources and your OWN well care options. Have a challenging client case? Connect with other practitioners who can help.

The Essentials Membership Plan is valued at over $300!

The Elevating Membership

Widen your Circle, with more tools to support you, your practice, your business, and your vision.

Get started today for only $39.97/mo.
Or choose a yearly membership for $399.00 (two months free)

Includes everything in the Essentials Membership plus:

* 20% OFF all Display Ads in our Pathways to Wellness printed regional directory.

* An opportunity to host a Workshop, Seminar, or Presentation to your Holistic Peers via Zoom, Social Media, or in person!

Share your expertise with like-minded professionals, and gain referrals.
Want to reach the public and create a workshop geared towards potential clients? We can do that too!

* Two 1 hour business strategy sessions with Sonia Gaudette.

Sonia Gaudette has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, graphic design, business development, and business management. She brings her professional skill set to every session. Each session is highly customized to your specific situation. All sessions include an actionable plan, accountability follow ups and scheduled touchpoints and guidance. Session topics can include: marketing, website refinement, graphic design services, photography services, or high-level business coaching.

The Elevating Membership Plan is valued at over $500!

The Enlightening Membership

Shape our circle, our top-tier package for practitioners who are ready to lean in, be leaders in their fields, inspire others and share their wisdom.

Get started today for only $97.00/mo.
Or choose a yearly membership for $970.00 (two months free)

Includes everything in the Essentials and Elevating Memberships plus:

* Over 30% OFF all Display Ads in our Pathways to Wellness printed regional directory.

* Your practice will be featured on our Social Media accounts and you will have an opportunity to interview on upcoming Podcasts.

Share your story and your practice with our audience and increase its visibility through social media. Podcasts are in the planning phases and include “The Healers Journey – from Pain to Purpose” launching in 2023!

* Quarterly 1-hour business strategy sessions with Sonia Gaudette.

* This membership level also includes a 15% discount on Vendor Booths and premium locations for Expos and Conferences.

The Enlightening Membership Plan is valued at over $1,200!

Questions Regarding Membership or about HolisticPros?

We will be happy to assist you in deciding whether our platform is a good fit for you!